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An ICC Austria membership offers you and your company/bank/lawfirm many advantages:




Our team, respectively the experts we cooperate with, is pleased to provide you with consulting services with regards to:

  • International contract drafting
  • Incoterms + international contract law + UN-Sales Law
  • Construction + plant engineering international
  • Letters of credit, bank guarantees, Bank Payment Obligations
  • Tactical/strategical planning of international contract design
  • Arbitration + Mediation
  • Prevention of white-collar crime (fraud, corruption, espionage)
  • Compliance and due diligence
  • Cross Cultural Management

Take advantage of the opportunities our membership offers you and further, let your colleagues and employees know about it too.




As a member you are entitled to a discount of 20% regarding all ICC Austria events as well as 10% off all ICC publications.




The ICC develops and revises continuously rules facilitating the international trade such as Incoterms, rules on letters of credit and bank guarantees as well as ATA-Carnets.

To give you an example: All countries worldwide take part in the re-negotiation of the Incoterms since these need to be acknowledged globally. However, you might have noticed how lengthy and tiresome negotiations on domestic issues in just one country can become, so imagine the effort of finding balanced solutions that work globally. The ICC coordinates and financially supports this global solution finding process and then ensures further, that business people and banks are trained accordingly. In this way it is guaranteed that your Russian or Chinese trade partners know Incoterms as well as you do. Such worldwide accepted model contract clauses will save you time and money because you do not need to negotiate every detail of a new contract again. For us as ICC Austria to maintain our ability to take part in that global process as well as to continue to contribute the Austrian perspective towards it, we rely on your active support!




The ICC-Commercial Crime Bureau is the only worldwide organisation that works as a „preventive Interpol. About 80% of all crimes committed follow a repetitive pattern. To know these helps to avoid unnecessary risks. ICC Austria alone, prevents per year cases with a volume of orders amounting to 2-3 Billion Euros




Der ICC International Court of Arbitration is the biggest dispute resolution organization worldwide. One finds Austrian enterprises on both sides, as applicants as well as respondents. In addition to that Austrian lawyers are much sought after arbitrators in international arbitration proceedings.

Electronic Commerce
Currently, the ICC develops rules on the international electronic commerce, which can be, similar to the Incoterms, agreed upon. However, some jurisdictions plan to implement domestic rules on that. Imagine what it would be like if you were to face more than 100 different domestic sets of rules instead of having to deal and comply with just one, that was especially designed fort he needs of international trade.


Lobbying for international free trade


The ICC is the only private organization that is accredited by the WTO in Geneva to lobby for a reduction in custom duties and against trade barriers. Furthermore, ICC position papers belong to the most read papers within the WTO because they present a unique, worldwide coordinated trade and industry point of view.


Well-known personalities at the ICC


President of the ICC worldwide is Harold McGraw, Chairman of McGraw Hill Financial and Standard & Poor, In-coming Chairman is Sunil Mittal, Bharti Airtel, India, Past Chairman is Gérard Worms, Rothschild Bank, France.

ICC Austria is a national committee of this global network. As president serves Dr. Richard Schenz, former director general of the OMV. Vice presidents are Dr. Herbert Stepic, former managing director of RBI, RA Dr. Christian Dorda, partner of Dorda Brugger Jordis, KR Helmut Klomfar, former curator of Hernstein Institute and Dr. Ulrich Stepski, owner of BLF Vermögensverwaltung GmbH.

For more information concerning details of membership and fees please contact:
Claudia Drexler
P: +43-1-504 83 00-3716
E: c.drexler(at)icc-austria.org

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