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International Trade Finance Week - Facts

Meet and discuss with around 500 of the leading Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee practitioners and experts from various sectors and from some 50 countries.

Fast expanding markets offer unique business opportunities, but taking chances means also taking risks. Bank Guarantees are the financial security instrument to limit these risks. Moreover, in difficult times and for new markets the demand for Letters of Credit increases. For that reasons ICC Austria hosts an International Trade Finance Week covering both central topics.


The International Trade Finance Week consists of four parts:


Monday to Tuesday

  • the International Conference on Bank Guarantees on both days


  • is devoted to practical Case Studies
  • and a yearly changing extra topic. 

Thursday to Friday

  • the International Conference on Letters of Credit on both days

The idea of such a conference week was born in 2006 and ever since the International Trade Finance Week has been a growing success with now around 500 leading Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee practitioners and experts from various sectors and some 50 countries participating. Broken down by sectors we speak of 80% Bankers and 20% large corporate enterprises.


Our target group includes but is not limited to: heads of Guarantee, L/Credit and trade finance departments in internationally active banks, larger manufacturing, engineering, construction and trading companies as well as their counterparts in the legal departments. We expect all participants to have at least 10 years experience in international trade finance, having said that, the majority will have worked in international trade finance for more than 20 years.

But not only our international participants come from various different countries such as Switzerland, Germany, China, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Dubai, Iran, Italy, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Rumania, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Nigeria, Syria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka etc. our renowned speakers do as well.


We are proud to host specialist experts as panelists from all parts of the world. Over the last years we welcomed speakers such as

Adebanjo Adedapo Adegbohungbe (Access Bank Plc, Nigeria); George Affaki ( France); Anis Ahsan (National Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia); Mounir Belaidene (BNP Paribas El Djazaïr; Algeria); Miguel Angel Bustamante (Banamex-Citibank, Mexico); Roger Carouge (Deutsche Bank, Germany); Kim Chalmer Rasmussen, (Maersk Line, Denmark); Eduardo Chiorino (Banco do Brazil); Gary Collyer (Consultant, UK); Ben Corkill (Bombardier Transportation, Switzerland); Thomas Fischer (Commerzbank, Germany); Khaled Haggag (BNP Paribas, Egypt); Jia Hao (Bank of China); Andrea Hauptmann (RBI, Austria); Gerhard Heubeck (Siemens Financial Services, Germany); Saibo Jin (Zhonglun Law Offices, China); Ed Jongenelen (ABN AMRO, Netherlands); Iqbal Karmally (Sharjah Islamic Bank, UAE); Valentina Nagay (SB Sberbank JSC, Kazakhstan);Vin O’Brien (Consultant, Ireland); Rudolf Putz (EBRD, UK); Nirmal Radhakrishnan (Standard Chartered Bank, UK);  Glenn Ransier (City Bank, USA); Michael Seeger (Deutsche Bank AG, Germany); Donald Smith (Global Trade Advisory, USA); Dan Taylor (JP Morgan, USA); Stephen Tricks (Clyde & Co, UK); David Vermylen (BP Petro Chemicals; UK); Hugo Verschoren (ING, Netherlands) and many more.


Some impression of our Trade Finance Weeks 2011 - 2019