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The weather in Vienna is typically continental with clearly defined seasons. Because of hot summers peppered with occasional days of rain, and cold winters, the "right" clothing is essential. In general, the temperature in spring is rather pleasant, still sometimes a fresh gust of wind can chill the air.

Weather forecast


Regarding the weather in Vienna, May and June are the most stable. Rain is limited, temperatures remain warm and pleasant, and sunshine can be counted on. Nevertheless we recommend bringing an umbrella or shielding clothing as a precaution. The average daily temperatures can rise to 22 degrees Celsius, and can drop to a minimum of a bearable 10 degrees. There can even be periods in June of both heat and humidity. Therefore, we suggest bringing light clothing and to dress in layers. A pullover or jacket might be necessary in the mornings and evenings, as well as on rainy days. On sunny days, short sleeves, sun-block and summer hats are appropriate.