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International Trade Finance Week

Save the Date: Trade Finance Week 2018: 18 - 22 June

RBI Raiffeisen Bank International, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Meet and discuss with around 500 of the leading Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee practitioners and experts from various sectors and from some 50 countries.


14th Global Conference on Bank Guarantees (18 - 19 June 2018)

Welcome to our 14th Global Conference on Bank Guarantees - The one true technical platform dedicated to bank guarantee experts from around the world. In recent years, as the result of the global survey has shown, we have seen the “demand” for Bank Guarantees increase, so do not miss your chance to learn from the best, share your challenges and knowledge with your peers, exchange your ideas and find solutions through a combination of up-to-date topics and brilliant networking opportunities.


This year we will cover one of the most pressing issues in current times: compliance, as Neil Chantry will guide you through the maze AML, KYC, KYCC and sanctions. Furthermore, we will look at Bank Guarantees under Swiss law, fraud in demand guarantees, jurisdiction and asymmetrical jurisdiction clauses, up-dates from China, and as country issue Vietnam. Drafting exercises will surround the evergreen of “extend or pay” and how best to avoid common mistakes.


CDCS/CSDG: CDCS® and CSDG® holders attending will earn 12 PDU points.

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The Golden Rules of Inventory Finance (20 June 2018)

Inventory finance is the backbone of the “real economy”. Each day banks and traders enter into transaction over millions of tons of commodities that are stored around the globe in warehouses, silos, tanks, yards or other storage facilities, be it oil & gas, soft commodities, metal or other commodities.

The sums invested in inventory finance are substantial. If a transaction is badly planned or executed, the losses are huge. On all levels, specialist knowledge is necessary be it financial, operational or legal.
At this conference, a group of proven experts share their know-how and the Golden Rules that any banker, trader or inspector should follow. If observed, the Golden Rules will allow you to steer clear from the major risks.

This day of intensive learning will start off with presentations by each expert on his field of competence. The second part of the day will be reserved for inter-active learning based on case-studies. Participants will be invited to submit their own questions and case studies in advance.


CDCS/CSDG: CDCS® and CSDG® holders attending will earn 6 PDU points.

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Case Studies on Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees (20 June 2018)

Case studies for not only LC specialist but also Bank Guarantee experts to discuss their challenges with our their fellow colleagues. The day is designed to foster mutual understanding among the different specialist and will further address the corporates’ perspective on trade finance instruments.

As usual, difficult and exceptional cases are presented from the bankers, commodity traders, forwarders and insurance point of view.

Send your own cases – anonymously if you like - to be analysed and discussed to e.treu(at)icc-austria.org.


Our case study session became increasingly popular over the recent years, so please kindly note that submission will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Do not miss the chance to have your case discussed and hand it in early.


CDCS/CSDG: CDCS® and CSDG® holders attending will earn 6 PDU points.

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12th Global conference on Letters of Credit (21 - 22 June 2018)

No matter which way you look, letter of credit experts’ debates revolve around two crucial subjects, compliance and digitalization, in other words the present and the future of LC business. With this in mind, we will talk on the first day of the conference extensively about compliance with Neil Chantry. We shall cover what to do and more importantly, what not to do and how to navigate an ever increasing field of rules, regulations, and requirements.


The second day of the conference will look at what the future may hold and how one best prepares for it. How tech will change documents in Trade Finance? Does the e-UCP provide sufficient guidance? And will digitalization change the way trade finance works?

As interactive sessions, we shall discuss the latest ICC opinions with Technical Advisor Glenn Ransier and vote on what a doc-checker needs to know.


CDCS/CSDG: CDCS® and CSDG® holders attending will earn 12 PDU points.

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Some impressions of our Trade Finance Weeks 2011 - 2017



For sponsorship and/or partnership opportunities please contact Eleonore Treu (e.treu@icc-austria.org)

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