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ICC Austria - Home

About us

ICC Austria - International Chamber of Commerce (founded in 1921)

some 500 international manufacturers and traders, 30 banks, 90 law firms, 20 industry associations, institutions and chambers are active members of ICC Austria.


ICC Austria & Business Topics

Our clients receive prompt and efficient information and advice on the following topics:

  • International contract drafting + UN-Sales law
  • International contract negotiation,
  • Incoterms + international transport law
  • Letter of credit + bank guarantees
  • Arbitration + mediation
  • White-collar crime
  • Cross cultural management

Additionally, we organize seminars covering the following subjects:

  • Incoterms
  • Letter of Credit + debt collection
  • Documents in foreign trade
  • UN-Sales law
  • Export & Import contracts
  • Legal English & Trade Terms in International Contracts
  • Export controls & Sanctions regulations (USA, EU)
  • Prevention of Corruption, Counterfeiting, Espionage, Fraud
  • Establishing subsidiaries in foreign countries well as many others......

These high-quality seminars are designed to meet the necessities and demands of internationally operating businesses. They have an excellent reputation within the business community due to their high standards.

ICC Austria will offer you a strategic advantage by means of

  • Experts who can give your company practical and tailor made advice
  • Effective advice and well-founded analysis of your problems - as well as solutions to it.
  • Hands-on seminars
  • Specialized publications

We invite you to become a member of ICC Austria!

ICC Austria & Arbitration

The ICC Court of Arbitration is the oldest and most renowned, worldwide acknowledged arbitration court, resolving disputes between international trade partners in a confidential, fast and fair way.

ICC Austria advises you on:

  • Arbitration and mediation clauses,
  • How to chose the right clause and
  • Strategies concerning the request of arbitration.
  • Furthermore, ICC Austria nominates arbitrators.

ICC Austria & Mediation

We strongly believe, that in many different situations and cases commercial mediation is going to be the dispute resolution method of choice, especially with regards to long-term business relations.

ICC Austria

  • advises companies on the possibilities and advantages of mediation,
  • serves as an interface between the company and the mediator
  • suggests experts and mediators.

The advantage of mediation is rather obvious since the conflict is solved

  • fast
  • cost effective
  • face saving for both parties ( so-called WIN-WIN situation)
  • and satisfactory for both parties.

ICC Austria & Prevention of White-Collar Crime

ICC Austria provides for hands-on practical advice on how to protect your business against white-collar crime, which affects a growing number of enterprises throughout the world. The economic damages caused by this are often underestimated. Conservative estimates show that the total annual loss resulting from white-collar crime in Austria amounts to EUR 25 billion.

Loss results, above all, from:

  • Fraud within the company,
  • Fraud in import and export trade
  • Investment fraud
  • Fraud with loan offers and project financing
  • corruption prevention
  • Prevention of industrial espionage
  • IT-security - "social engineering"
  • counterfeiting

We would like to raise awareness that:

  • systematical education on known modi operandi can prevent criminal acts
  • effective crime prevention can increase your profit margins
  • profits - you need for innovation and reinvestment

ICC Austria cooperates closely with the ICC International Commercial Crime Bureau and the ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau, London

Help to form the global legal framework for your international business

ICC has created numerous specialized working groups to form and adapt the legal environment for globally active companies. These bodies range from working groups to formulate rules for bank guarantees and Incoterms, to “ICC Commissions” lobbying for global sustainable free trade and investment. These Commissions are composed of business experts from around the world who examine major issues of interest to the business world. They prepare policy products, including statements to contribute to intergovernmental discussions, as well as rules and codes to facilitate international business transactions.

ICC Austria appoints experts to those commissions. These experts then will take part in all major international negotiations and decisions, therefore ensuring that Austrian business concerns will be taken into account.

We invite our members to participate with their expertise in those international working groups.

Video: ICC worldwide - Introducing the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)