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Model Contracts

The well-known ICC model contracts are much-prized in the commercial sphere, serving as an invaluable tool for firms, lawyers, and advisors in contract formulation.

The ICC English-language model contracts can be used by any enterprise as a blueprint, to be moulded and altered as required. This leads to considerable savings in time and effort otherwise spent in negotiations with contract partners.

It is thanks to ICC model contracts that international exchange of goods and services can be concluded more expediently, cost-effectively, and securely. Here a list of said contracts:

  • ICC Model International Franchising Contract (2000) (only available as an E-book)
  • ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract (2002)
  • ICC Model Distributorship Contract (2002)
  • ICC Model Contract for the Turnkey Supply of an Industrial Plant (2003)
  • ICC Model Mergers & Acquisitions Contract (2004)
  • ICC Model Selective Distributorship Contract (2004)
  • ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement (2006)
  • ICC Model Occasional Intermediary Contract (2007)
  • ICC Model International Sale Contract (2007)
  • ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects (2007)
  • ICC Model International Trademark Licence (2008)
  • ICC Model International Transfer of Technology Contract (2009)
  • ICC Model Subcontract (2011)
  • ICC Model International Franchising Contract (2011)

These model contracts are exclusively available in English.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the following:

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Tel: +43-1-504 83 00
E-Mail: icc(at)icc-austria.org

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