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Securing international payment

ICC Austria and our international experts advise your company on ensuring the financial security of your international trading operations.

Furthermore, ICC sets the global standards for:

Letters of credit (ICC-UCP 600)

Bank guarantees (ICC-URDG 758)

Documentary collection (ICC-URC 522)

Forfaiting (new - spring 2013)


ICC Austria assists you

  • with expertise on securing your import- or exports financially
  • in including the terms of payment into your import- or export contract
  • by advising you on the right documents and certificates to be used with the combination of trade finance and contract selected by you
  • in training your employees
  • with disputes arising out of letters of credit, bank guarantees, documentary collections etc.

In cases when your bank hesitates to finance new business operations with more difficult emerging countries ICC Austria can advise you on additional financial protection of your commercial transaction by a "Standby Letter of Credit" of IFC or EBRD at standard banking conditions.


Download: ICC Guidance Paper on The Use Of Sanctions Clauses In Trade Finance-Related Instruments Subject To ICC Rules


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