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ICC Austria advises enterprises, banks, lawyers and traders in their daily international business and represents Austria’s international operating companies within the ICC.


The following list of key topics will give you an overview of ICC Austria’s main field of activities:

• Export/import contracts
• Incoterms
• Model contracts
• Retention of title
• Force majeure
• UN Sales Convention of Goods
• Bank guarantees
• Letters of credit
• Arbitration
• Mediation
• Counterfeiting
• Anti-corruption measures
• Fraud prevention
• Counter-espionage

• Negotiation strategies

Roadmap for Digital Trade in Financial Services

ICC launched its Digital Trade Roadmap to set out long-term industry trends, opportunities, drivers and barriers as well as highlighting the role of the industry, ICC and governments. The document will help the industry engage with policymakers in creating rules and standards for digital trade finance.

Download Digital Trade Roadmap Version 1.0

ICC Banking Commission releases updated eUCP and new eURC

The eUCP and eURC rules have been intentionally developed with a version number in order that they can be updated regularly without impacting upon other existing ICC rules. eUCP 2.0 and eURC 1.0 will come into effect on 1 July 2019.

Download eUCP 2.0     Download eURC 1.0

Save the Date: Trade Finance Week 2020

Meet and discuss with around 500 of the leading Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee practitioners and experts from various sectors and from some 50 countries.

15 - 19 June 2020, Vienna, Austria
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